Dental Professionals

There’s no doubt that attending to the state of your dental health is important. However, just as there are different types of medical professionals who help you see to various parts of your overall medical health, so are there different dental professionals who attend to specific areas of dental health. Like the medical field, the… Read More »

Dental Plaque

There’s a reason why it’s important to brush and floss your teeth every day. Seeing to the state of your oral health is a vital part of seeing to the state of your overall health. Not only does your dental condition affect your self-esteem and, thereby, you emotional and mental health, but certain dental conditions… Read More »

Dental Plans

Attending to the state of your dental health is one of the most important parts of attending to your overall health. Your oral health directly affects the state of your physical health, so ensuring that your teeth are healthy is essential to maintaining optimum health overall. However, just as you have to pay for other… Read More »

Dental Onlays

Before modern science, if your teeth decayed, then you simply had to live with the decayed tooth or deal with the gap left in your mouth from having it pulled. In most cases, teeth that are allowed to continue to decay will eventually end up falling out anyways. However, thanks to modern technology and all… Read More »

Dental Inlays

While most people are primarily concerned with restoring the teeth located in the front of their mouths since those are the ones seen the most, it’s also important to attend to the restoration of those teeth that are located in the rear of the mouth. While the molars aren’t as visible as the other teeth,… Read More »

Dental Implants

Once you complete the process of having your dental implants placed within your mouth, there is some upkeep involved in keeping your mouth healthy, just like there is with your real teeth. It’s important to see your dentist annually in order to keep a check on your implants so that if any problems arise they… Read More »

Dental Implants Section

In today’s modern age, there is science and technology to address virtually any concern that you can think of and that even applies to the dental field. In medieval times, if you lost teeth or had missing teeth that never developed properly in the first place, then the unfortunate truth of your situation was usually… Read More »

Dental Health Info

The area of health that pertains to your mouth, teeth and gums is known as dental health. Just as there are different types of professionals who specialize in addressing different areas of the body, such as a cardiologist who concerns himself or herself with cardiovascular health, so does a dentist and other dental professionals concern… Read More »

Dental Health Impacted by Obesity

According to a Colgate, more than 60 percent of Americans are classified as overweight. While many people believe that obesity only affects the body and an individual’s self-esteem, it actually affects every aspect of your health. Your teeth, mouth and gums are a part of your body, so it really should come as no surprise… Read More »

Dental Health and STD

Maintaining all areas of your health is important to maintaining an overall healthy body. Not only is your physical health important, but so is your dental, sexual, mental and emotional health. Each area of health overlaps into another one, though, and effects it. For instance, the state of your mental and emotional health directly affects… Read More »

Dental Fuorosis

Caring for your teeth is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful smile as well as having healthy gums. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and after every meal to remove leftover food particles after eating. When food particles are allowed to sit on the surface of your teeth and… Read More »

Dental Fillings and Sealants

Attending to your oral health is a necessary part of attending to your overall health since the state of your mouth directly affects the health of your overall body. Having a poor smile can negatively impact your self-esteem, which affects your mental and emotional health, while certain types of dental infections can cause you to… Read More »

Dental Nerve Blocks

Many people dread going to the dentist because they fear the pain that is commonly associated with dental procedures. Granted, it’s not always pleasant or painless to undergo getting a tooth pulled, having a root canal done or submitting yourself to some other type of dental treatment. However, thanks to modern science, there is now… Read More »

Dental Filling Options

If you have a cavity, then you’ll most likely have to have a dental filling once the decayed portion of the tooth is removed. A filling fills the hole that is left behind in your tooth once the dead and deteriorated portion of the tooth has been removed. Before the filling is put in your… Read More »

Dental Exam and Cleaning

Keeping your teeth healthy is an essential part of seeing to your overall health. When your teeth begin to decay, then your overall health can also be affected. This is especially true if you develop periodontal disease, an abscessed tooth or an infection inside your mouth. All these types of conditions are oftentimes accompanied by… Read More »

Dental Emergency

Sometimes accidents happen, and whether or not they could have been avoided is a moot point once the event has occurred. Just as attending to a medical emergency is important, so is attending to a dental emergency. Just like seeking immediate medical treatment when you break your arm, having a heart attack or stroke or… Read More »

Dental Crown

Everybody wants to have a picture perfect smile, but sometimes people have to undergo cosmetic or restorative dental procedures to achieve the smiles that they want. In some cases, some of your teeth may have decayed over time, and in other cases, your natural tooth might be healthy, but it might not have the straight… Read More »

Dental Charities

Caring for your teeth is one of the most important health measures that you can take. Not only are your teeth necessary for proper speaking and chewing, but they also lend to your overall appearance. Keeping your teeth healthy and looking good can sometimes be expensive, though, especially if you require any specialized dental services… Read More »

Dental Cavities

Keeping your teeth healthy is important to maintaining your overall health. In today’s modern society, there are plenty of tools and resources available to us that make caring for our teeth easier than ever. However, sometimes no matter how much we care for our teeth, we still might develop tooth decay. One of the most… Read More »

Dental Caries

Just as a variety of conditions can affect the body, so can a variety of conditions affect the mouth, teeth and gums. Keeping your teeth, mouth and gums healthy is just as important as tending to your overall health is, and your dental health directly affects your overall health. One of the most common dental… Read More »

Dental Anatomy

In order for dentists to be able to get their degrees so that they can practice dentistry, they must first undergo extensive educational training at first an undergraduate college and then a graduate college. In addition to the education they receive about science and research skills in general, they must also demonstrate an extensive knowledge… Read More »

Dental Care

Part of seeing to your overall health is seeing to the health of your teeth. Believe it or not, the health of your teeth not only affects the appearance of your smile, but it can also affect your overall health as well. For instance, when you get a disease or infection in your mouth, it… Read More »

Dental Caps

Almost everyone aspires to have a perfect smile, and nowadays achieving that perfect smile is made easier than ever thanks to all the dental procedures available. No longer do people have to deal with imperfect teeth since there are both surgical and non-surgical dental treatment methods that can help individuals have picture perfect, straight teeth… Read More »


Whereas in the olden days, it was common for people to neglect going to the dentist or to simply be unable to go, nowadays, there are plenty of practicing dentists around who can assist patients with maintaining their dental health. Going to the dentist at least once or twice a year is an important part… Read More »

DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery

In order to practice dentistry, an individual must go through the appropriate learning and training. Dentists who legally practice have a degree from an accredited college or university, and that degree basically states that the individual met the requirements of the college or university that he or she attended to be awarded with the opportunity… Read More »

DaVinci Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry makes it so that individuals no longer have to settle for living with unsavory dental conditions. Even if a person doesn’t necessarily have anything wrong with his or her teeth other than aesthetical issues, there are dental solutions to help people achieve the smiles that they’ve always wanted. From implants and bridges to… Read More »


The teeth are an essential part of a person’s body since they help assist with speech, chewing and even breathing. However, all teeth aren’t the same. Humans possess various types of teeth in their mouths, and each type has a technical term that describes it. One of the essential teeth found in the mouth is… Read More »

Crown Lengthening

Modern advances in dental science have made it easier than ever before for individuals to help achieve the picture perfect smile that they’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentistry makes it so that you can fix everything from gaps in the teeth to uneven teeth. Perhaps one of the most common dental conditions that people attempt to… Read More »


Having a perfect smile can not only increase your self-esteem, but it can also help you have a more positive outlook on life in general. Nowadays, there are countless dental procedures that have been developed, so no matter what type of dental condition you have, there is almost certainly a dentist out there who can… Read More »

Crooked Teeth

In the olden days, when you suffered from overgrown or crooked teeth, you simply had to deal with your plight. Nowadays, though, we have so much technology available to us and so many advances have been made in modern science that there are dental procedures designed to address virtually any type of dental issues that… Read More »

Crest Whitestrips

In today’s modern society, people are always looking for ways to perfect their appearances. From cosmetic surgery to using makeup, there are numerous ways to change out your look, but perhaps one of the most significant ways to increase your appearance is by whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening is all the rage nowadays since whiter… Read More »

Cracked Teeth

Preserving your teeth at all costs is essential to maintaining your dental health. There are a variety of dental conditions that affect the teeth, some of which include broken teeth, cavities, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, extra teeth and so on. Perhaps one of the most annoying types of dental conditions to have to deal with,… Read More »


Millions of people suffer from sleep problems, but one of the most common ones is sleep apnea. Simply put, sleep apnea refers to when the sleeper stops breathing for a few seconds during the course of his or her sleep. Some people can even stop breathing for anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds or even… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular forms of dentistry nowadays. With the cultural influence placed on improving your appearance, it’s no wonder that more and more people are flocking to their dentists’ offices to fix any minor issue they wish. Thanks to all the new dental procedures and technology that we have in… Read More »

Conscious Sedation

Many types of dental procedures require some level of sedation, but people who have severe dental phobias might be able to request sedation for procedures as simple as a routine tooth cleaning. Because of the all the innovations made in the dental industry, just because a patient is sedated doesn’t mean that he or she… Read More »

Composite Resin Filling

Cavities are the number one dental problem that people tend to develop. Although cavities can be caused by numerous factors such as poor dental hygiene, eating too many sugary foods and so on, they weren’t always fixable. Thanks to the many innovations that have been made in the field of dentistry over the years, though,… Read More »

Colored Retainers

Braces are among the most innovative types of dental appliances to be introduced to the dental industry. They allow you to fix any crooked or misaligned teeth as well as close up any gaps that exist between teeth. The amount of time that you have to wear braces depends upon your individual dental situation, but… Read More »

Cleft Palate

Dental procedures have been developed to address virtually every type of dental issue imaginable, but some dental conditions are more severe than others. Therefore, they might require more attention and more involved procedures in order to address them. An example of one such condition is that of a cleft palate. What Is Cleft Palate? A… Read More »

Computer Generated Anesthesia

Great strides have been made in the dental industry that makes it so that people no longer have to deal with uncomfortable or unsatisfactory dental conditions. Dentists are now able to address virtually any type of dental issue from cavities and tooth decay to cosmetic issues like crooked teeth and overbites. Some more serious types… Read More »


Nowadays there are numerous ways to straighten and realign teeth to give patients the perfect smile. This means that people no longer have to settle for having gaps within their teeth, crooked teeth or anything other dental issues that contribute to a less than perfect smile. Almost everyone has heard of braces and knows that… Read More »

Chloral Hydrate Sedation

In many types of medical, dental and psychiatric fields, different types of sedation are sometimes used to either put the patient to sleep completely or merely loosen the patient up enough where he or she won’t become agitated during the procedure to be performed. However, when it comes to children, there are certain types of… Read More »

Dental Bridges

In the olden days, people who were missing teeth simply had to live with their unfortunate conditions, but nowadays there have been so many advances made in modern science that there are procedures for fixing virtually any type of dental condition known to man. People no longer have to settle for smiles that they are… Read More »

Dental Calculus

Having good oral hygiene is important for numerous reasons. Not only does keeping teeth clean lend to a whiter and brighter smile that is more aesthetically-pleasing than a more yellowed one, but oral hygiene can have significant effects on an individual’s overall health as well. One of the main types of dental buildup that toothpaste… Read More »

Dental Appliances

Nowadays dentists, orthodontists and other dental professionals are able to address virtually any type of dental condition that patients suffer from. No matter whether patients have crooked teeth, are missing teeth and so on, there is a procedure that can restore almost anyone’s smile. However, in order for dental professionals to be able to achieve… Read More »

Dental Fears

Going to the dentist is a fact of life if people want to keep their teeth healthy and properly cared for. However, just like some people dread the thought of going to the hospital, others absolutely hate to go to the dentist. Dental phobia is a very real condition that more people suffer from than… Read More »

Toothpaste Ingredients

Everybody knows how important it is to brush his or her teeth as part of your daily dental care. Almost everyone has been taught to brush his or her teeth at least two or three times a day from an early age. However, many people aren’t even aware of the ingredients that go into the… Read More »

Dental Bonding

Having a perfect smile is all the rage nowadays, and with the modern technology that the dentistry industry now has, there are numerous ways for individuals to achieve the smiles that they’ve always desired. No matter whether a person is missing teeth, has an overbite, has crooked teeth or simply has a slightly imperfect smile,… Read More »

Cold Sores

Some of the dental conditions that affect the mouth aren’t necessarily directly related to the teeth or gums. In fact, many of the most common types of dental conditions occur on the insides of the lips or cheeks. While some of these conditions might be more serious than others, some are relatively common, although they… Read More »

Dental Abscess

Almost everyone will have some sort of dental infection throughout his or her life, but some types of dental infections are worse than others. Some toothaches could be indicative of more serious dental issues than cavities or the impending loss of a tooth. In fact, one of the most serious types of dental infections that… Read More »

Dental Abrasion

Individuals are afflicted with various types of dental conditions, and while some might require a complex dental procedure in order to restore the affected tooth or teeth, others might simply require a change of oral habits. One of the most common types of dental conditions that can sometimes require a surgical procedure and that other… Read More »

Dental Braces

In the olden days, if people had crooked or misaligned teeth, they simply had to live with them. However, an uneven smile can affect a person’s self-confidence as well as his or her self-esteem, all of which can affect his or her personal and professional lives. Fortunately, thanks to the latest innovations in the dentistry… Read More »

Deciduous Teeth

Teeth vary in their size, shape and location in the jaw from individual to individual. All of these factors work together to help individuals speak, chew and smile. The form of the teeth also helps give individuals the shape and form of their faces. Throughout individuals’ lives, they will have two sets of teeth, the… Read More »

Bulimia Nervosa

Unfortunately, many people in today’s society suffer from a variety of physical and psychological disorders. Perhaps some of the most serious of these types of disorders are eating disorders because not only are they psychological, but they directly affect the individual’s physical health. Bulimia Nervosa is among the most common types of eating disorders that… Read More »

Broken Tooth

Throughout medieval times and the early pioneer days, there were certain dental conditions that were much more difficult to fix than they are today. Nowadays, dentists have procedures for fixing virtually any type of dental issue, especially when it comes to making teeth look more aesthetically-pleasing. One of the most common types of dental issues… Read More »

Chipped Tooth

People suffer from various types of dental issues, some of which are more complicated to fix than others. Fortunately, thanks to modern innovations in dentistry, there are ways that dentists can address virtually any type of dental problem imaginable. One of the types of dental issues that couldn’t traditionally be addressed back in the early… Read More »

CEREC Ceramic Reconstruction

Recent advances in dental technology have made it possible for people to be able to fix imperfections in their teeth, even if they are missing teeth or simply need crowns to provide a perfect appearance to imperfect teeth. Although there are plenty of methods for doing dental restorations, CEREC is one of the newest and… Read More »


New advances in dental technology have made it so that dentists and orthodontics can do more than ever before. The usage of X-rays is one of the most useful tools that these professionals have, and there are numerous types of X-rays that dentists take to help them determine the source of a patient’s dental issues.… Read More »


The teeth are composed of four different types of tissues, some of which are located more on the surface of the teeth, and some of which are located deeper near the root. In order for dentists to understand what type of dental procedure they need to perform on a patient, they must first understand which… Read More »

Cantilever Bridges

In the olden days, when people lost their teeth or had missing teeth due to genetic reasons, they just had to live with their conditions. However, nowadays, thanks to modern science and the many developments and innovations that have been made in dentistry, individuals no longer have to suffer their entire lives with smiles that… Read More »

Canker Sores

There is no one cure for canker sores. However, the pain associated with them can be treated and managed, and there are also preventative measures that individuals can take to help reduce the likelihood that they’ll develop another canker sore. Usually, no treatment is required for canker sores, and the pain will lessen on its… Read More »

Burning Mouth Syndrome

In today’s technologically-advanced age, there is a treatment for virtually every type of condition that you can think of. However, when it comes to dental issues, there are still certain conditions for which the cause is difficult to diagnose, which makes treating the issue difficult. One of these types of dental conditions is burning mouth… Read More »


Individuals have numerous habits that can contribute to poor dental health. While some of those habits might be self-induced ones, others aren’t and might be beyond individuals’ control. Such is the case with a dental issue like bruxism. What Is Bruxism? Bruxism is the technical term for teeth grinding. While individuals might initiate some teeth… Read More »

Bruxism Grinding Teeth

People suffer from numerous types of dental conditions, just as they do from various types of health conditions. Some of these conditions are more serious than others, and while there is treatment for some types of dental conditions, others simply require preventative actions to ensure that no major dental problems arise because of the conditions.… Read More »


In medieval times, when people suffered from gaps in their teeth, overbites and other such dental problems, they usually had to just learn to live with them. Thanks to all the advances in modern dentistry and the technology that we have today, patients no longer have to live with smiles they aren’t comfortable with. Perhaps… Read More »

Bone Regeneration

Bone volume is an essential element in dentistry because it’s essential that patients have enough bone to anchor implants, crowns, alloys and other dental restoration devices to. Without enough bone, patients could end up having their smiles restored only to have pieces break off or not last as long as they should simply because they… Read More »

Bone Grafting

Sometimes in order to maximize the effectiveness of certain dental procedures, other procedures must be done first. Such is the case with bone grafting. Bone grafting is sometimes performed before dental implants because it helps better prepare the area where the implant’s going to be and lends to the probability of the overall dental implant… Read More »

Bleeding Gums

When most people think of oral health, they think of preventing cavities and tooth decay. However, there is more to oral health than the teeth themselves. The gums upon which the teeth are anchored are just as important, if not more so, than the teeth. Bleeding Gums Bleeding gums are ones that bleed periodically, sometimes… Read More »

Black Hairy Tongue

While some dental issues aren’t immediately apparent, others are and can raise alarm with their appearance. Black hairy tongue is a perfect example of a dental condition that can actually appear much more alarming than it really is. What is Black Hairy Tongue? As its name implies, black hairy tongue manifests itself in the appearance… Read More »

Bitwing X-Rays

With the advancement in dental technology, dentists now how the skills, research and resources need to address many types of dental issues that couldn’t be addressed in the path. For instance, problems with the alignment of teeth and so on are more easily treated nowadays thanks to x-ray technology. There are various types of dental… Read More »

Bad Oral Habits

Although all dental problems are necessarily preventable, there are some that are certainly caused, at least in part, by bad oral habits. Ensuring that you utilize good oral habits rather than bad ones could prevent you from getting some of the dental problems associated with bad oral habits later on. What are Bad Oral Habits?Bad… Read More »

Bad Breath

People can suffer from numerous dental conditions, some of which may seem more severe than others. All dental conditions, though, no matter how major or minor they seem, should be addressed to help ensure optimum dental health in both the present and the future. One of the most commonly downplayed dental issues that could end… Read More »

Baby Teeth

Humans have two different sets of teeth throughout the lifetimes. The first set consists of 20 teeth, whereas the set that they obtain later and have for most of their lives consists of 32 teeth. The primary distinction made between these teeth is at what point of their lives people have them. What are Baby… Read More »


Before the innovations made in modern dentistry, when people had a tooth die at the root, they oftentimes had to suffer through the pain or undergo excruciating trauma in attempting to have the tooth removed. Nowadays, though, there are procedures known as endodontic surgeries that allow dentists to address otherwise painful dental problems and restore… Read More »


Periodontal gum disease is the number one leading cause of tooth loss in adults in America, but there are preventative measures people can take to keep their gum disease from progressing to the point where they have to lose their teeth. One of the most effective ways to treat gum disease is by catching it… Read More »


Sterilization is extremely important in health and medical fields. When patients go to the dentist, they, of course, want assurance that the equipment the dentist is using on them is clean and sterilized. Nobody wants to image the thought that the same equipment that’s being used in their own mouths has been used in the… Read More »

Dental Amalgam

Nearly all dental issues can be addressed nowadays thanks to all the advanced development and research that’s made in the dental industry. One of the most common types of dental issues people deal with is that of cavities and tooth decay. Fortunately, fillings are a dental solution that help restore the tooth and prevent further… Read More »

American Dental Association

When searching for a dentist, it always provides patients with peace of mind to discover that their dentists are part of an official association. Being part of a professional organization demonstrates the dentist’s dedication to the industry and continuing education. Among the most popular associations for dentists is the American Dental Association. What is the… Read More »

Air Abrasion

The drill has long been a dreaded association with dentists and one of the very reasons why many people fear making their dental appointments. Traditionally, dentists used drills to administer to conditions of tooth decay and other procedures, but modern advances in science have made it so that dentists don’t always have to necessarily turn… Read More »

Alveolar Bone

People put a lot of stress on their teeth every day, most specifically when chewing food. Making sure that the alveolar bone and the tissues around it is in optimum condition can help ensure dental health and lessen any discomfort caused by daily motion, reducing dental problems both in the present and in the future.… Read More »

Dental Abutments

Dental abutments are utilized in various dental procedures, from bridges and partials to implants. The type of dental abutment that you need depends upon the dental procedure that you plan on undergoing as well as your specific dental needs. What Are Dental Abutments? Dental abutments are fixtures that are used as connecting elements in dentistry.… Read More »

Adult Braces

An increasing number of adults are getting braces nowadays in order to straighten their teeth. Whereas braces are traditionally associated with children and adolescents, recent innovations in the dental industry have made it more plausible for adults to get braces. Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult First of all, braces aren’t necessarily what they… Read More »

Academy of General Dentistry Dentists

The Academy of General Dentistry is a professional association of the general dentists throughout the United States and Canada. The Academy was formed in 1952 and has always sought to continue the education of general dentists and to provide consumers with reliable information. According to AGD’s website, its core competency statement is “Quality of care… Read More »