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Dental phobia is one of the most common of modern fears. Statistically speaking, going to the dentist is much, much safer than, say, driving a car, yet so many people who would think nothing of getting behind a steering wheel every day become weak-kneed at the very thought of a dental cleaning. Envisioning caps and crowns is enough to make many otherwise tough people shiver violently. And when someone uses the expression “I’d rather get a root canal,” the phrase “root canal” is meant to suggest the most unpleasant experience imaginable.

However, general dentistry techniques — and even oral surgery and emergency dental services — are rarely painful, given Novocaine and the other numbing substances dentists have at their disposal. That’s not to say that a dental check-up and treatment for a broken tooth or chip tooth are fun experiences. But why does dentistry generate such irrational fears whereas, by comparison, few people are afraid of barbers or plumbers? Perhaps it’s because the sights within a dentist’s office resemble items often found in horror movies; they seem to evoke primal human fears. To wit, there are sharp metallic objects, masked people, drills being used on human beings, and blood. Plus, we first see dentists as children, when they tower over us, clutching needles and power tools. That’s the kind of image that a young child could construe as terrifying, and remember ever after.

If you’re a person who suffers from such an intense fear of the dentist that you never go to see one, there’s now a way you can sit through a dental visit without a single butterfly in your stomach: dentist sedation. What is sedation dentistry? It’s when a dental patient is calmed through the use of a chemical sedative. The most common form of sedation dentistry is oral sedation — when a patient takes a pill approximately an hour before a dental appointment. Other forms include IV sedation dentistry, which utilizes an intravenous relaxant, and sedative dentistry in which a patient inhales medicated gas. Throughout the dental visit, the patient is awake and capable of responding to questions, instructions, and other stimuli. But as soon as the visit has concluded, he or she will have only a vague memory of the appointment, or no memory whatsoever.

Clay conscious sedation dentistry is growing in popularity. Some patients who have gone to a Clay sedation dentist offices report that they could not imagine going to a dentist any other way. If you now feel compelled to look for a sedation dentist in Clay, AL, realize that your insurance company is unlikely to pay for any dentistry cost associated with your sedation. Also, only consider Clay sedation dentists who have received special training in sedative techniques. It’s wise as well to speak with your physician. Tell her or him that you’re interested in sedation dentistry in Clay, AL, options, and inquire as to whether you have any conditions that might make sedatives dangerous to your health.

There’s another source you’d do well to consult before settling on a sedation dentist in Clay, AL: us. That’s right; we’re very well-informed when it comes to sedation dentistry Clay, AL, choices. And if you give us a call, we’d be happy to narrow down your options as far as a sedation dentist in Clay, AL, and leave you with a few exceptional professionals from which to choose.

You can call us (866) 625-0002 any time during the day or night, and on any day of the year, holidays no exception. As a free, nationwide service that has already helped millions of people connect with the best dentists for their needs, we are in a unique position to help you locate that ideal sedation dentist’s office. And calling us is no chore. Rather, it’s a fast and easy process. Give our representative a few facts about what you’re searching for in a dentist, and we’ll give you outstanding, American Dental Association approved recommendations in no time.

If you have no interest in sedation dentistry, we’ll still be able to help you. We know Clay dentists who speak Spanish. We know many dentist offices that provide same-day service. We can give you the name of a dentist open on Saturday, and even more impressive, the name of a dentist open on Sunday — or one who’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll set you up with a dentist who accepts such insurance planst as Cigna, Humana Dental, AmeriGroup, Delta Dental, Tricare, Assurant Dental, Metlife, Ameritas, Aetna, United Concordia, Blue Cross, and Guardian. Or, if you don’t have dental insurance, we’ll recommend an excellent no insurance dentist, one who offers flexible financing plans and payment methods, the kind of dental professional who frequently earns top Yelp reviews.

So whether you’re interested in Clay cosmetic dental care because you want to have a teeth whitening, or it’s been years since you’ve had a dental cleaning, why not give us a call? After all, dentists may be scary to some, but our friendly and charming representatives haven’t frightened anyone yet.