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Imagine being asleep and awake at the same time. That might sound like a paradox, but it’s a fitting description of dentist sedation. What is sedation dentistry? It’s when patients receive dental treatment in a chemically-induced state of calm. In most cases, they seem to be fully awake by all outward signs, except that they might move and speak more slowly than usual. These patients can answer questions and obey directions. They respond to all other external stimuli, too. For example, if you were to toss a ball to them, they’d catch it.

Yet these people are actually in a state of altered consciousness. Once their medication wears out, they will have no memory — or perhaps only weak, flickering memories — of whatever happened when they were under the influence of their sedative. Now, why would a patient be interested in sedation dentistry practices? The reason is that going to the dentist under normal circumstances would be terrifying for him or her, and perhaps physically impossible.

Most people feel somewhat nervous before a dental check-up, and perhaps all throughout a cleaning session. But some people are so frightened by the idea of a routine dental examination, to say nothing of oral surgery and emergency dental services, that they cannot enter a dentist’s office without gagging and experiencing muscle spasms and other severe physical symptoms. Thus, they eschew the dentist, even when they have a broken tooth or a chip tooth or a similar problem. They’d prefer jumping from an airplane without a parachute to going in for dental caps and crowns. For such people, Denver conscious sedation dentistry represents a way to receive necessary dental treatment, a way to finally obtain that bridge or that root canal that they have long gone without.

It’s not wise, however, to simply sign up with the first sedation dentist in Denver, CO, that you come across on the Internet. Sedation dentistry Denver, CO, options vary widely in terms of their quality. And obviously you only want to go to a reputable, safe, experienced sedation dentist in Denver, CO — a professional who has completed training in this practice. Sedation, after all, does pose risks to patients’ health if it’s not handled correctly. And sedation will also drive up your overall dentistry cost, which means you want to be certain you’re seeing a sedation dentist in Denver, CO, whom you can afford.

That’s where we come in. We can name for you terrific Denver sedation dentists, whether you would prefer oral sedation dentistry, which involves taking pills; IV sedation dentistry, in which the sedative is given intravenously; or inhalation sedation dentistry, whereby you would breathe in a medicated gas. Oral sedation is the overwhelming favorite among both dentists and patients, but you might have reasons for choosing one of the other two methods. Whatever kind of sedation dentistry Denver, CO, service you need, we can give you suggestions of dentists with spotless track records of success — dentists who are superstars when it comes to Yelp reviews and who remain in good standing with the American Dental Association (ADA). We simply refuse to associate with any dentists who don’t meet those standards.

We are also a terrific resource for non-sedative dental requests. If you’d like, we’ll steer you toward a first-class Denver, CO, general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry practice. We can find you a bilingual dentist, a Denver, CO, dentist open on Saturday or a dentist open on Sunday. We can even locate for you a walk-in dentist office open every day, and open 24 hours a day at that. Our Denver walk-in dental offices provide same-day service, too. Especially important, we’ll find you a dentist that takes any of the following dental insurance plans: AmeriGroup, Humana Dental, Tricare, Cigna, Guardian, Delta Dental, Ameritas, Assurant Dental, Metlife, Aetna, United Concordia, and Blue Cross.

In many instances, people contact us and tell us that they don’t have any dental insurance. We’re able to help them out as well, by giving them the name of an area “no insurance dentist.” And when they go to their no insurance dentist, they find that they may obtain a full menu of dental services, and that their dentist is flexible in terms of financing options and payment methods.

We not only have extensive, comprehensive information on dentists all across the country, but we also provide our clients with simple, streamlined service. First, our services are always free to use. Second, we’re a one-stop source for dental information. Just give us a call — you can find our phone number on our homepage — and speak briefly with a friendly representative. She or he will gather a few pieces of information from you, and use that intelligence to determine which Denver dentist or dentists would best suit you. That’s all there is to it.

Indeed, our program has been beneficial to millions of people nationwide. It’s been especially helpful to people who are just now discovering cutting-edge tools to finally conquer their dental fears. And when you go to the dentist after a long time away, your mouth feels much fresher, you experience notable teeth whitening effects, and you no longer have to worry about serious bacterial infections caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene.