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What do dentists, public speaking, and death have in common? They all rank as top fears among the American population. When it comes to dentists, about three out of every four people report feeling at least some nervousness before or during a dental check-up. And between ten and twenty percent of Americans suffer from a debilitating fear of the dentist. This phobia induces people to avoid going for a dental cleaning altogether, or to show up at the dentist’s office only to experience muscle spasms and other severe conditions. And many people who are clinically afraid of the dentist gag repeatedly in the dental chair. Gagging, of course, makes it extremely difficult for a dentist to put on caps, crowns, sealants, or whatever else might be required. Further, if a patient needed emergency dental services, such as a root canal or other kind of oral surgery, the situation could become dire.

If you’re among those afflicted with a severe dental phobia, you could undergo counseling or join a support group. Another option is to seek dentist sedation. What is sedation dentistry? It’s when a dentist uses a substance to alter a patient’s consciousness. A dentist might mentally and physically calm a person by administering oral sedation in tablet form, or by giving her a gas to inhale. There’s also intravenous, or IV sedation dentistry. Of the three, oral sedation dentistry is the most common. In most cases of oral sedation, a patient takes a tablet about an hour before a dental appointment. When that appointment begins, the patient will be fully relaxed.

Some people refer to this procedure as “sleep dentistry,” but the term is misleading; the patient does not actually sleep through the appointment. To the contrary, he or she is responsive and can answer questions and follow simple instructions. However, after it’s over, the person will have scant or no memories of actually being at the dentist’s office.

If you are interested in learning about your sedation dentistry options in Edmonds, WA, you should be mindful of a couple things. First, seek a sedation dentist in Edmonds who has been fully trained in sedation techniques. This practice, after all, is relatively new to the dental field, and sedation classes are not yet part of the standard dental school curriculum. Fortunately, however, thousands of dentists have elected to take classes in sedatives, and finding a qualified sedation dentist in Edmonds, WA, is certainly possible.

Second, at this point, most dental insurance companies refuse to pay any of the dentistry cost associated with sedation. And Edmonds sedation dentists often charge hundreds of dollars extra to put patients under. So you’ll need to consider the matter carefully, and discuss it with your family, before you decide to spring for the additional costs. Just about any sedation dentist in Edmonds, WA, will tell you, however, that the vast majority of their patients who opt for sedation are afterwards happy that they did. And if your choice is between paying for sedation or skipping the dentist entirely, the former option is the wise one, given how important oral health is to your overall well-being.

As you can see, sedation dentistry Edmonds, WA, options are matters in which we’re well-versed. We’ve been watching this trend develop, and we’ve seen the positive impact that sedation dentistry practices have had on people’s lives. And we can steer you towards a Edmonds conscious sedation dentistry expert. Alternately, if you don’t have a dental phobia, we can direct you to an excellent Edmonds practitioner of general dentistry.

Our process is fast and direct. Step one is to retrieve our phone number from our homepage. Step two is to call that number to reach one of our friendly and enthusiastic representatives. These reps are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, holidays included. Step three is to engage in a short dialogue with our rep; you’ll quickly provide some information about your dental needs, and we’ll use that info to find you a dentist who matches what you’re looking for.

The dentist suggested will be American Dental Association approved, and will have built up a strong reputation within Edmonds, WA. If you’d like confirmation of that fact, try going to a website, like Yelp, where patients post reviews of their dentists, and look up the names we’ve given you.

When speaking to our rep, you may request a dentist who speaks Spanish or a dentist who is open this Saturday. And we can link you with a dentist who takes any of these insurance plans: Delta Dental, Tricare, Assurant Dental, AmeriGroup, Humana Dental, Guardian, Cigna, Blue Cross, United Concordia Metlife , or even help you find a Aetna Dentist. People without dental insurance who call us, meantime, are provided the name of a local no insurance dentist, someone who can offer them a range of payment methods and financing plans for those that are uninsured.

So if you’ve long been terrified of the dentist, try giving our free program a try, as millions of others nationwide have. With sedation dentistry, you might finally be able to get proper treatment for your chip tooth or broken tooth. When you ready, just gives us a call – we are happy to help anytime 24/7 – (866) 625-0002.