ClearCorrect Aligners Nowadays there are numerous ways to straighten and realign teeth to give patients the perfect smile. This means that people no longer have to settle for having gaps within their teeth, crooked teeth or anything other dental issues that contribute to a less than perfect smile. Almost everyone has heard of braces and knows that they are the appliances used to straighten teeth, but many innovations have been made in the dental industry since the first braces were invented. Now there are many different types of braces on the market, so patients can select ones the best suit their needs and wants.

What Is ClearCorrect?
ClearCorrect is a brand of invisible aligners. Like braces, they are used to straighten teeth and close gaps, but unlike traditional braces, they don’t require patients to have any type of appliances in their mouths. Instead, ClearCorrect aligners consist of a series of invisible aligners that are work to gradually pull teeth into alignment over time without all the hassle that’s involved with traditional braces. ClearCorrect aligners don’t have to have metal pieces tightened every two to four weeks like regular braces do, and they also don’t provide patients with the potential discomfort that metal braces do.

Benefits of ClearCorrect
Obviously, the primary benefit associated with ClearCorrect aligners is that they allow patients to straighten their teeth without anyone even knowing that they are doing so. Because the aligners are clear and specifically designed for each patient, they are completely invisible to anyone not wearing them. They allow patients to show off their smiles even while they’re wearing them without their smile being tainted with metal or other noticeable appliances. Another benefit to ClearCorrect aligners, though, is that they are removable. Traditionally, when patients got braces put on their teeth, they had to wear them constantly for the duration of their treatment plans. This made eating, flossing and even brushing teeth more difficult. With ClearCorrect aligners, the aligners can be removed when eating food so that food not only doesn’t get trapped in any appliances, but the taste of the food isn’t altered as well. Because they’re removable, patients also aren’t limited in what they can eat. They can enjoy caramel, taffy, popcorn and other such foods that patients with braces can’t since those foods could potentially break the appliances or otherwise get stuck in them.

How ClearCorrect Works
ClearCorrect Removable Braces The process for getting ClearCorrect aligners is relatively simple. First of all, patients have to find a dentist in their area that offers ClearCorrect aligners. If patients don’t know of one already, they can visit ClearCorrect’s website and conduct a search to find a dentist near them that offers the aligners. Next, people interested in getting ClearCorrect aligners must be evaluated by a participating dentist to determine whether or not they are good candidates for these types of aligners. People with certain types of dental conditions might not be ideal for ClearCorrect aligners and might have to opt for another type of teeth straightening system. If dentist believe potential patients might be ideal candidates, they’ll take numerous photos and X-rays of the patients’ mouths, and they might also use scanners and take impressions to get further data on the patients’ mouth structures.

After capturing the shape of the teeth via all the aforementioned methods, then dentist send the data off to the ClearCorrect company, which will then manufacture a series of aligners designed specifically for each individual patient’s mouth. Each aligner will be specifically designed to apply pressure where it’s needed to cause the desired teeth to move into place. Just like any patients getting their teeth straightened must go in for periodic checkups to their dentist to monitor their progress, so do ClearCorrect patients. Dentists will provide patients with a new set of aligners as they see fit, depending upon the progress that patients are making. Whereas some patients change their aligners every two weeks before getting a new set, others might have to wear theirs as long as six to eight weeks before progressing to another set. Regardless, it is important that ClearCorrect patients wear their aligners at least 22 hours a day in order to expect optimum and speedier results.


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