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daVinci Veneers Cosmetic dentistry makes it so that individuals no longer have to settle for living with unsavory dental conditions. Even if a person doesn’t necessarily have anything wrong with his or her teeth other than aesthetical issues, there are dental solutions to help people achieve the smiles that they’ve always wanted. From implants and bridges to teeth whitening, there is cosmetic procedure to address virtually any issue that one has with his or her teeth. What is fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic solutions are daVinci veneers.

What Are DaVinci Veneers?
DaVinci veneers are simply veneers made by daVinci Dental Studios. They are simply ultra thin ceramic plates that are bonded to the front of the teeth. They simply cover up the natural tooth in order to give the teeth a more perfect appearance. Constructed of porcelain, they are designed to last for years to come, and they are highly resistant to staining and breaking.

What Are DaVinci Veneers Used For?
DaVinci veneers are used to address the same conditions as any other type of veneer. One of the most popular reasons why people invest in daVinci veneers is to have their teeth permanently whitened. Whereas professional teeth whitening at a dental office must be repeated every six months to a year, once a patient has daVinci veneers bonded onto his or her teeth, then the patient’s teeth will remain white with no need to keep going back to the dentist for professional whitening treatments. Not only can daVinci veneers be used to whiten the teeth, but they can also help cover up any spaces or gaps in the teeth without the patient having to undergo the process of getting braces or some other uncomfortable dental procedure. Additionally, they can also cover up any unevenness or chips in the teeth, lending to the appearance of straight, bright and flawless smile.

How Are DaVinci Veneers Different From Other Veneers?
daVinci Veneers Before and After DaVinci veneers are known for being among the thinnest and most tenacious veneers in the industry. The daVinci laboratory was the first one to introduce veneers to the market, and the lab has become known for its artistic craftsmanship of porcelain veneers. So revered is the company in the industry that it has been featured on popular television shows like The Swan and has become one of the premier choices for notable figures.

The Process for Getting DaVinci Veneers
Having daVinci veneers affixed to the teeth is a relatively simply process that doesn’t require any local anesthesia. It’s relatively invasive and merely consists of the patient coming in for a consultation to determine whether or not daVinci veneers would address the cosmetic issues that he or she is trying to address. After answering any questions that the patient may have and addressing any concerns, then the patient can pick out the shade he or she wants his or her veneers to be. Most dentists will recommend against automatically selecting the very brightest shade since this can actually make the teeth appear unnatural. Patients can also express how large or small they want their teeth to appear, and the dentist will determine the best accommodations to suit the patient’s wishes.

The actual process of putting the daVinci veneers on consists of the dentist taking a mold of the patient’s mouth. The mold is sent off the daVinci lab so that the appropriate veneers can be custom created for the patients. Once the veneers come in, then the dentist thoroughly cleans the patient’s teeth and applies a resin to them. Next, the veneers are carefully aligned onto the patient’s teeth, and an ultraviolet light is applied to the teeth to coax the resin into hardening. After the veneers have hardened, then the dentist can smooth and file down the veneers to ensure there are no rough edges. The entire amount of time that it takes to do this usually only spans one to two hours, depending upon how many veneers the patient is getting.


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