Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular forms of dentistry nowadays. With the cultural influence placed on improving your appearance, it’s no wonder that more and more people are flocking to their dentists’ offices to fix any minor issue they wish. Thanks to all the new dental procedures and technology that we have in today’s current society, you no longer have to live with any dental conditions if you don’t wish to do so, no matter whether those conditions are missing teeth, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, yellow teeth and so on.

Whitening is definitely one of the most popular types of cosmetic dental procedures that dentists perform. While there are plenty of at-home whitening kits on the market nowadays, it’s difficult to achieve the same sort of whitening with such over-the-counter products that cosmetic dentists provide. Teeth whitening simply consist of either applying a whitening fluid to your teeth, or more recently dentists have begun to turning to using ultraviolet light technology to white the teeth. Patients simply sit in the dental chair while professional-grade light is shined onto the teeth for the required amount of time to reach the desired shade of white. The results achieved with whitening usually last for six months, sometimes longer if patients take care to avoid acid foods, coffee, sodas, red wines and other substances that can contribute to stains on the teeth.

Bonding is the process that is used to fill in holes in the teeth. It’s also used to fix chipped teeth and slightly decayed one. Commonly used for cavities, it simply consists of having a tooth-colored resin inserted into the hole or shaped around the crooked or misshapen tooth to restore the appearance of the tooth. It can also be used to change the outside color of the tooth or to close any spaces between the teeth. When taken care of bonding can last for several years, but it’s not uncommon for a cavity filling to occasionally fall out and need to be replaced.

Dental implants are perhaps one of the most innovative types of cosmetic dental procedures performed. Implants are used to implant new teeth in place of missing ones. Although there are previous dental procedures for replacing missing teeth that are still performed, implants have certain advantages that some other procedures can’t offer. For instance, implants have the look and feel of your natural teeth. You don’t have to deal with removing partial plates or having dental appliances in your mouth that break. When properly cared for, implants can last up to a lifetime. The way that implants are placed is by surgically inserting a small metal stud into the area where the missing tooth lies and then placing a crown on top of it that functions and has the appearance of the natural tooth. Many people prefer having implants in their mouths rather than have to have dentures, partials or bridges that require more maintenance and just don’t have the feel of a regular tooth.

Dental Veneers Veneers are simply thin pieces of porcelain or plastic that are placed over the natural tooth with the aim of hiding any imperfections in the tooth. They can be used to correct everything from a chipped tooth to a crooked one. They can also help hide uneven surfaces, unevenly spaced teeth or oddly-shaped ones. Some people even turn to veneers instead of teeth whitening because they once the veneers are placed, they hide any discolored teeth, so you don’t have to keep returning every six months to a year to have your teeth whitened again. Even people who feel that their teeth are too small or uneven can get veneers to address the issue. The way that dental veneers are applied to the teeth is by first buffing the tooth to give it an even surface and then applying a cement-like resin to it before placing the veneer on the tooth and hardening the resin with a professional light. Once the resin hardens, the veneer is in place, and the cosmetic dentist then works to further polish and buff the tooth to ensure it has a smooth surface. Anesthesia is usually not needed, and the process is relatively painless. Many people favor this cosmetic procedure because it provides you with instant results.


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