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Scranton 9 CEREC, 24 Hour Dental Care
Same Day Dental Clinics
Scranton, PA 18501, USA
Phone: (866) 625-0002
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(866) 625-0002

open 24 hours – 7 days a week

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Dentist Offices in Scranton, PA

Emergency Dentistry – Pennsylvania – Scranton, PA 18501
24 Hour Dental Scranton PA – Scranton, PA 18501
Scranton Dentista – Scranton, PA 18501
Howard Fragin DMD – Endodontist – 327 N Washington Ave Ste 904 Scranton, PA 18503
Stephen Solfanelli DMD – Endodontist – 243 Linden St Scranton, PA 18503
Albert E Stofko – General Dentist – 401 Adams Ave Ste 205 Scranton, PA 18510
Blanche D Grube – General Dentist – 810 Green Ridge St Scranton, PA 18509
Edward J O” Donnell – General Dentist – 1651 N Main Ave Scranton, PA 18508
Frank A Di Noia – General Dentist – 401 Adams Ave Ste 207 Scranton, PA 18510
Hazzouri Dental – General Dentist – 600 Lackawanna Ave Ste 300 Scranton, PA 18503
Ted M Stampien – General Dentist – 732 Pittston Ave Scranton, PA 18505
Alan Firestone DMD – Pediatric Dentist – 401 Adams Ave Ste 301 Scranton, PA 18510

Let’s compare the patient experience at a traditional office of general dentistry to a Scranton one day dental care facility. At the former, you likely have to make an appointment for every dental check-up six months in advance. And if you’ve never had a dentist open on Saturday, a dentist open on Sunday, a dentist open holidays, or a dentist open after hours, you might be accustomed to taking time off of work to see your dentist. Now imagine that your dentist notices during a cleaning that one of your teeth must be extracted due to gum disease or an infection. If you don’t act quickly, you risk a bad toothache and the need for a sudden root canal and other emergency dental services.

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