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For some people, the words “calm” and “dentist” just don’t go together. For them, everything aboutgeneral dentistry produces anxiety, from the sight ofdental instruments to the smell of latex gloves. But if you are one of the people who struggle with dental fears — perhaps to the extent that you never see a dentist — know that today there is hope in the form of dentist sedation.

What is sedation dentistry? It’s a system of dentistry in which, before a patient receives a check-up or oral surgery, he or she is given a chemical depressant, one that calms the central nervous system. This relaxant might be in the form of a gas. In IV sedation dentistry, the sedative is administered intravenously. And in oral sedation dentistry, patients receive pills. Oral sedation, by the way, is the most common form of sedation dentistry.

If you see a sedation dentist in Washington, DC, your dental appointment will probably work this way: First, you’ll take a pill an hour or so before your appointment starts. Some patients find that they’re not sufficiently relaxed when they enter the dentist’s office, and therefore their dentist gives them another pill at that time. At any rate, when you sit in the dentist’s chair you’ll be conscious and alert — some patients are more alert than others, however. The level of your alertness, roughly speaking, will be inversely proportional to the intensity of your dental phobia. In any event, you should be able to answer questions and follow instructions throughout the dental exam.

Oral sedation offers several substantial benefits to those who are dentist-phobic. One is that patients have vague or no memories of their dental visits when they arrive home. That’s important, because recalling a dental experience can be unpleasant, even traumatic, for those who are clinically afraid of dentists. Second, because you’re in a relaxed, altered state of consciousness at the dentist’s office, you can have several procedures done during the same visit, whereas under normal circumstances it might be difficult for any person to tolerate multiple procedures. Consider the convenience: You might be able to receive a cleaning, root canal, crowns, and more all on the same day.

The downside to sedation dentistry is that sedatives can significantly add to your annual dentistry cost. Plus, sedatives can be dangerous. For that reason, you need to be sure your doctor approves this method, and that the sedation dentist in Washington, DC, from whom you receive treatment has been specially trained in this kind of dentistry.

If you want a quick and easy way to find the best sedation dentistry Washington, DC, options available, you can always call us. We’re open 24 hours a day every single day of the year, and our phone number is easy to locate on our homepage. Sedation dentistry Washington offices are well known to us, and we can tell you which of these dentists offer the safest treatments. When you call us, we’ll ask you a few questions, and your responses will allow us to recommend to you an outstanding dentist — or a few dentists — matching what you need. All the dentists with whom we’re associated have been endorsed by the American Dental Association, and all have satisfied many patients over the years. And some of those patients have shown their gratitude by composing praise-filled Yelp reviews.

Without the kind of detailed industry information we have access to, it’s difficult to be certain that you’re seeing a top sedation dentist in Washington, DC. Further, all of our information is up to date, which is vital given that the sedation dentistry Washington, category is relatively new. And as a cost-free, nationwide service that has guided millions of people to great dentists, we have plenty of experience when it comes to pleasing clients.

Of course, we’ll help people you find a dentist whether you’re interested in Washington sedation dentists or non-sedation dentists. And we’ll assist you no matter what your specific dental criteria might be. Maybe you’d like a Washington walk-in dentist office offering same-day service, or a dentist who speaks Spanish. Maybe you need a dentist open on Saturday or even a dentist open on Sunday. Maybe you could benefit from teeth whitening or some other cosmetic dentistry service. We know plenty of superb area dentists for all the above requests, and many more besides.

It’s also important to us that the people who reach out to us can afford not only their regular dental care, but emergency dental services as well, in case they ever suffer from a broken tooth, chip tooth, oral infection, or similar issue. That’s why we include in our rosters Washington dentists who take insurance plans like Ameritas, Cigna, AmeriGroup, Tricare, United Concordia, Delta Dental, Metlife, Humana Dental, Guardian, Assurant Dental, and Aetna. We’re also able, if you’re without dental insurance, to suggest the name of a Washington no insurance dentist. On top of that, we can tell you which local dentists offer convenient financing plans and accept multiple payment methods, like check and credit card.

If you’ve been avoiding dentists for years because of a phobia, and you’re long overdue for caps or fillings, discussing Washington conscious sedation dentistry with us may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your mouth, if not your overall health.